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Changes in the textile industry
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Due to factors such as the cotton price and the labor cost gap, the low-end orders in the Chinese textile industry have been lost in recent years; the low-cost traditional advantages of China's apparel trade are gradually disappearing, and more and more garment orders are accelerating to Southeast Asia. In order to reduce production costs and increase export profits, some export-oriented garment enterprises in China have also chosen to build factories in Southeast Asia. Coupled with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the transfer of foreign companies in China’s manufacturing industry has begun to shift. The low-cost Southeast Asian countries represented by Vietnam The competitive advantage has forced the Chinese textile industry to carry out industrial upgrading, structural adjustment, and advancing with the times, otherwise it will be eliminated by the market trend.

The textile industry, as one of the four basic needs of human consumption, food, housing and transportation, is a sunset but never sets, so textile companies must strengthen product innovation and technological innovation. At the same time, they must also pay attention to relevant policies of the country and understand market demand. And changes in trend elements, change to passive and active, firmly grasp business opportunities.