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Classification of wool yarn
- Jun 12, 2018 -

The current product can be divided into three types of pure wool, blended fiber and chemical fiber, and the main chemical fiber is acrylic fiber and viscose fiber.
Although there are many varieties of wool, they can be divided into four categories: wool, fine wool, patterned wool, and factory-specific knitting yarns.
(1) Coarse-wool yarns: The yarns have a thread density of about 400 tones, generally four, each having a thread density of about 100 or so. The fine wool of pure wool is spun from fine wool, and the price is high. The wool is made of medium-sized wool. The yarn is thicker, has better strength, and feels fuller. The woven sweater is thick and warm, and is generally used as winter clothing.
(2) fine wool: strand line density 167 ~ 398 special, usually 4 shares, merchandise with twisted yarn and ball yarn (fleece yarn) two, this hair line is dry and clean, soft and beautiful color. It is mainly woven into a thin sweater, light fit, used in spring and autumn, less yarn consumption.
(3) Fancy wool: This product has a wide range of colors, and the variety has been continuously refurbished, such as gold and silver clips, printed clips, beads, loops, bamboo knots, chains and other varieties, each with a special charm.
(4) Knitting yarn: Generally, two single yarns are combined and used for knitting. This knitted sweater is characterized by lightness, cleanliness, softness and smoothness.