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What is the shrinkage rate of the general fabric?
- Jun 12, 2018 -

The shrinkage of a fabric refers to the percent shrinkage of the fabric after it has been washed or soaked.
In general, the largest shrinkage fabrics are synthetic fibers and their mixed textiles, followed by wool, hemp fabrics, and cotton fabrics with a large shrinkage, and the largest are viscose, rayon, and artificial wool fabrics.
Cotton mercerized flat cloth: shrinkage ratio of 3.5%, latitude 3.5%;
Cotton silk twill: shrinkage rate of 4%, weft 3%;
Cotton plain cloth: shrinkage rate of 6%, weft 2.5%;
General worsted wool fabric: shrinkage rate of 4%, latitude to 3.5%;
Silk eyes: shrinkage rate of 10%, 3% weft;
Cotton 4% - 10%; chemical fiber 4% - 8%; cotton polyester 3.5% - 55%.