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​Flame-retardant Fabric Applications
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Permanent flame-retardant fabrics will become a new hot spot in China's textile market. At present, the main application areas of flame-retardant fabrics include:
First, industrial textiles, tarpaulins and coverings for railways, ships, motor transport ports, docks, and warehouses; ceilings for buildings; and various types of luggage fabrics.
Second, the interior decoration materials of the building serve as the surface layer of the sound absorption panel.
Third, the interior decoration materials for vehicles are roofs for cars, other interior materials for aircraft, car carpets, trunk linings, and seat cushions. At present, in addition to high-end cars in China, most car interior fabrics are not fire-retardant materials, so automotive interior materials will become a huge market for flame-retardant fabrics.