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Glass Fiber Mat Knowledge
- Jun 12, 2018 -

(1) Chopped strand mats. The glass strands (sometimes also roving) are cut into 50 mm lengths, randomly but evenly laid on a mesh belt, followed by application of an emulsion binder or dusting on powdered binders to heat and cure to short Cut the original silk felt.
(2) Continuous strand mat. The glass strands formed during the drawing process or the continuous strands withdrawn from the original bobbins are laid in a figure 8 shape on a continuous moving mesh belt and bonded by a powder binder.
(3) Surface felt. FRP products usually need to form a rich resin layer, which is generally achieved with alkali glass surface mats.
(4) Needle felt. Needle felt is divided into chopped fiber needle felt and continuous strand needle felt.
(5) Stitching felt. Chopped glass fibers from 50mm up to 60cm in length can be stitched into chopped fibers or long fiber mats using a stitching machine. The former can replace conventional binder bonded chopped strand mats for several uses, while the latter are To a degree replaces the continuous strand mat.